(002) Sikkim; Utteray, Mainebass Falls

Another cold day in Sikkim. And a perfect day for a walk in the woods to a nearby waterfalls, Mainebass waterfalls. Like Pema and Jamuna had promised, they joined us too. They were more excited than Naveen and I to go on this trek, they were so excited to show us what was ahead, what... Continue Reading →

(002) Sikkim; Yuksom, Lake Zen

Our first day at Yuksom began quite late. Perhaps it was from all the traveling we did from the previous night that wore us out. We woke up to a refreshing 5 degree celsius morning air knocking on our windows. I don’t remember ever feeling that kind of cold; it was so cold I could... Continue Reading →

(002) Sikkim; Gangtok found and lost

We drove to Gangtok but we found it to be no different than any other city except, traffic rules were followed with discipline. And maybe that’s because the roads are narrow and yet the city had managed to turn them into two way roads. Naveen, being so used to Bangalore traffic, used the honk once... Continue Reading →

(001) West Bengal; unexpected

  Due to unforeseen events, we had to stay in West Bengal for three days more than what we had planned for. For most part, it was good. We managed to find comfortable stay, warm food and places to explore. One of the places we stayed at was a small forest lodge in Dooars, near... Continue Reading →

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