(002) Sikkim; Goodbyes.

And just like that, our Sikkim journey came to an end. When we had to say our goodbyes to the Sherpas, I thought it was would be a polite goodbye. Similar to like how our goodbyes was with the Limboo family. We were all packed when Jamuna asked us to wait for five minutes. We... Continue Reading →

(002) Sikkim; Utteray, Nim Doma Sherpa weds Nima Tashi Sherpa 

Pema Sherpa surprised us by inviting us to his relative's wedding  in his village. That was one of the most endearing qualities of Pema, he never missed an opportunity to show off his heritage. Whether it was the land, the mountains or the people. He wanted to help us have a real Sikkim experience. He drove... Continue Reading →

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