About Us

There’s a million and one reasons to travel, see and experience the world. And none of them are wrong.


We are a film-maker and writer couple, who love to hit the road and discover new places. We are excited to see everything. From bugs to trees, lakes to oceans, stars to clouds and rainbows. We want to climb all the mountains and swim in all the seas and camp in forests and visit every waterfall.

In 2018, we quit our jobs and decided to take the leap of faith. We packed all the belongings on our back into our car and traveled 32,000 kilometers, covering a total of 22 states in India. We spent our time driving and exploring all the roads and highways, visiting remote mountain towns and villages of this beautiful, diverse country. We are still hungry for more and we have just begun.

We started this blog as a creative outlet for ourselves to express and showcase our art and content. Our aim is to inspire everyone to travel and we believe that any reason that allows you to travel, explore and discover something new is a good enough reason.

Welcome to Kshitija and Naveen’s blog, KshiVee.

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