Stay safe, stay indoors

The whole world is in a lockdown. Every country’s government is telling their citizens to stay put, stay indoors, that’s the least we can do to contain the disease. Spending a day or two indoors is easy, it’s like a holiday or a weekend. But after five days of staying indoors, of staring at each other’s faces, the TV blaring the same news in the background, life gets a little tiring, the heart wishes to step out; but being outside, holding someone’s hand, hugging your loved one – possibly anything outside our house feels like such a risk. 

Everyday, the number keeps rising, the number of people affected, the number of deaths – and despite these trying and testing times, we must remind ourselves to be optimistic, to use this time to rest and be refreshed, to video call your friend who stays across the globe (hell, across the city, across the country) and you just never found the time to talk to them, help our community as much as we can (if we can) and help our fellow beings who are front-lining during these pandemic times. We stay indoors for them. 

As we rest indoors, we are giving Mother Earth the time to detox from our chaos too. The air is clearer, the water is cleaner, there is less waste being thrown on the streets…makes me wonder, is our ‘normal’ just plain, simple chaos? I refuse to believe that we are Earth’s virus as most of the memes and tweets seem to claim. Our greed is the virus, to us and to our earth. We are natural beings, made from the same stardust as everything else, what makes us different is our greed, is our constant need for more, more, more, more even when we have enough, our greed and (possible) insecurity makes us want to hoard up. 

What I dread more is when this lockdown is lifted and it will be, the force with which humanity will jump back out into the world and create waste; because in our minds, our greed isn’t bad, our greed is freedom and liberation, our chaos is colorful and beautiful, our pollution isn’t harmful, it’s just life. What I hope for is when this lockdown is lifted, we come out of this changed, transformed into better human beings, that we more sensitive to this world, that we realize that we aren’t the only ones who inhabit this planet. Is this wishful thinking? Or is there really hope for us?


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