(Travel Tidbits) Lessons learnt on the road

Life on the road isn’t luxurious and it definitely isn’t glamorous but it sure does make up for it with some breathtaking views; sights that make you feel like every bump on the road is worth it.

Having had the fortunate luck of being able to experience and survive the road life, I thought I could share a few titbits, tips, hacks with you guys.

Fuel for yourself and your car: Begin your day with a good breakfast for yourself and a full tank of fuel for your car. It’s always better to start the day with a full tummy, whether it’s you or your car. A good breakfast will take you a long way but also remember to keep snacking and keep yourself hydrated throughout the trip and just like you are taking care of your body, pay attention to your car – or whatever vehicle you’ve opted for. Don’t take risks that come with low rewards – especially on the road, it will not be worth it. Fill up your vehicle’s tank whenever you find the need because trying to find a gas station when your car is blinking for fuel is just not worth it and might ruin the experience for you.

Keep money at hand: You can’t expect card machines and PayTM in every nook and corner of the country; though you’d think that’s a reasonable thing to expect given that our country is well on its way to becoming cashless. But it’s a slow process and though some places can surprise you with a card swiper or the option of money transfer, it’s always better to have cash in handy for the small expenses you’ll incur on the road.

Keep a small trash bag in your vehicle for dry waste: You will find yourself collecting a lot of trash while on the road: wrappers, water bottles, empty packets of chips and biscuits, tissue papers and instead of chucking it out of your window, keep a handy trash bag in your car This might seem like a no-brainer to you who might be reading this but I have seen enough educated and literate people litter the earth to not mention this.

Keep taking regular breaks and stretch your legs: Whenever you see a good sight, pull over on the side of the road and get out of the car. The best part about road trips are the pit stops you make between your point of departure to the point of arrival; so exercise your legs a little, walk around, enjoy the view, let your blood circulate a little. It’s honestly a win-win.

Take a shower wherever you stop for the day: When you stop for the day, if you happen to be staying at nice, decent hotel, take a shower or a bath. Don’t hesitate. Wash the dirt of your skin; while on the road, Naveen and I regularly used the Himalaya Neem Face Pack and a vaseline moisturizer to keep our skin from going dry from all the dust and smoke we were exposed to everyday. A nice clean up at the end of the day will definitely relax you.

Be kind: Honestly, this should apply to your life, my life, everyone’s life. But on the road, it is so imperative to be kind, to understand, to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. On the road, you will come to face to face with so many different people, from so many different walks of life, from so many different cultures and upbringing and traditions. You may agree with some, you may not agree with others but I hope you understand them all. All it takes is a moment; a moment to stop and think before you spew out something unkind.

These are some lessons that the road teaches you. The most basic thing the road teaches you is common sense and practicality above everything else. If you rationalize your thoughts and keep a logical mind track, the road can be your best friend.

What about you? Do you enjoy road trips? What kind of lessons has the road taught you? Share with everyone so that we can all enjoy the best road trips with our friends and family. Don’t forget to follow us for more updates! We are on Instagram as @kshivee and our Facebook Page: Kshivee, drop us a hello, we’d love to chat 🙂

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  1. Very useful set of titbits for travel buddies. Having a trash bag and being kind attracted me the most. It is a lesson which we need to follow on a daily basis. Happy to know that you guys not only explore places, but explore life as well.Good luck


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