(001) West Bengal; unexpected


Due to unforeseen events, we had to stay in West Bengal for three days more than what we had planned for. For most part, it was good. We managed to find comfortable stay, warm food and places to explore.


One of the places we stayed at was a small forest lodge in Dooars, near the Gorumara forest. The forest was surrounded by small towns and unlike the residents of bigger towns and cities, people of this place were curious but not nosy, they were fascinated by us but their stares didn’t make us feel like aliens. They were polite and indifferent.

Witnessing the sunrise, listening to elephants trumpeting from the forest and riding the toto – something like an autorickshaw – through the small towns are some of the memories that will always stay with us from this place.


Everything about this stay in West Bengal was unexpected and isn’t that what traveling is about?

When on the road, unexpected situations and infinite possibilities throw themselves in your way and how you choose to work with it is how you make or break your travels.

I guess. that’s the takeaway we learnt from this episode.


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